Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stop Whining

So in my class, Sequence Stratigraphy, a graduate geology class, there are a couple people who are whining because we have an up coming test and they have a field trip and another test. I understand that they are busy and they don't want to fail. Fail, in other words, they don't want to be stressed out and actually have to work and study on the field trip they are going on. In further yet, more understandable words, they don't want to have to study so they can sit around drinking at night on their field trip. I've been there, I know how this goes.

This is particularly disturbing to me because they should really just suck it up and do the work. They really don't have too much to complain about because they signed up for their classes fully knowing what they were getting into and now that it's the crazy end of the semester that every college student goes through, they can't handle it.

I would challenge any one of these kids to compare how busy they are with how busy I am (this is a little ironic considering I'm writing a blog right now but this has been kinda pissing me off).

Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's been a while

So I've been super busy doing research and getting ready for my thesis presentation, which I gave yesterday. The talk went pretty well, I ended a little early but I did answer 6 or 7 questions which is more than anyone else. The thesis work is definitely coming along though and now I'll be able to focus on writing. By the way, I study natural fractures in rocks.

I've also been off the bike for two weeks as I've been putting in about 11 - 12 hours a day on campus. I really need to get back going and get into shape for Double Lake in two weeks. That will be Lauren's first race, too!!

We did go check out some little puppies today, one of which Lauren is going to get at the end of May. They are about three weeks old right now. We are getting an Australian Sheppard. They are pretty cool even though they are only little fur balls right now.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Oregon Trail

So yesterday I found the Oregon Trail CD that Lauren brought when she moved here and never told me about. Yes, I'm talking about "the" Oregon Trail game that never ceased to amaze and entertain all kids that were in grade school at the same time as I. Although it is a little more recent edition than the one I remember it is still awesome.
Older Version

Newer Version

Mac Version - NOT AS COOL

The upgrades between the two systems are quite nice and include:
1.) Map to show your progress
2.) Improved graphics
3.) The ability to change pace, allowing for faster trips across the country
5.) An improved control interface to make the game easier and more straight forward to play
6.) There is no 4.)

The older version did have a much better hunting feature though where you could move around instead of just aiming. See Below:

Old Version

New Version:

This is a great game and I think you should revert back to your grade school - middle school days and indulge in one or two games of the great adventure across the country.

The older version of OT can be downloaded here, in case you want to practice up:

Oh Yeah, Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The pirates off the coast of Somalia are building quite a resume of ships they have captured and ransomed. These ships! There seems to be quite a force attempting to stop the piracy as seen in this figure from Wikipedia:

States with navies fighting piracy and insurgency are colored green, former in blue, states with navies contributing to Operation Atalanta in purple; states with an infantry presence only in red. Somalia is in yellow.

It seems as though the pirates would have a difficult time taking over a ship of this size:
With a ship ...boat ...dinghy like this

It does not seem, however, that these are pirates. I know if I were about to be taken over by pirates I would accept nothing less than this:

Now, if the pirates looked something like this, they would be much more fearsome and it is likely that only this man could stop:

This man could easily handle the Somali pirate situation as he has previous experience batting "Cutthroats".

Cutthroat: (kŭt'thrōt') Pronunciation Key n.
A murderer, especially one who cuts throats.
An unprincipled, ruthless person.
A cutthroat trout.
Cruel; murderous.
The Somali pirates, by pirating standards, are nothing Mr. Rule could not handle as they have been known to make deals which means they have principles.

This only means one thing, we need to find Mr. Rule...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The cartoon caption contest

So this thing was on craigslist and it's not too bad. It's a weekly cartoon caption contest and you can win 10 dollars. Here it is.

Other novelty sites may include:
Image Labeler
Bubble Spinner
Helicopter Game
Line Rider
Penquin Toss
Flamingo Drive
Yeti Olympics


Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Pictures from Reimers

Here are some photos Lauren took:

My Favorite:

Reimers Ranch Race!!!

There was a race yesterday at Reimers Ranch. The trail is great with lots of good technical sections and some good legdes. My pre-ride at Reimers on Saturday was the first time I had mountain cycled out there and I liked it more than some other people who have said it was terrible. The race course was definitely more technical than the other courses up until this point.

I got a pretty good start going into the single track and did pretty well on the ledges and drops and felt like the first lap went pretty well. The second lap was much tougher, however, and the single-track beat me up pretty good. I had a pretty uneventful crash, you know, one of those that's mostly because you're tired and you stall out going over a small rock ledge and you can't get your foot unclipped in time and then end up falling downhill onto some rocks. It wasn't really that bad of a crash but the big ring got my right calf, my left knee landed on some rocks and was bleeding, my left forearm also landed on some rocks and, to add insult to injury, the handlebars hit me in the neck, which actually hurt. Beyond that crash the race was pretty good. I think this picture seems to capture how I must have felt:
I do wish/need to get more training in before the next race.

The thesis is coming . . .

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jupiter news

So, in case you didn't hear the news today, the "Red Spot" for which Jupiter is known for has been shown to be shrinking. Unlike the popular belief that Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, the fact that Jupiter does contain the only "giant Red Spot" in the solar system is true. It is believed that upon the dissipation of Jupiter's famous "super giant Red Spot" the planet will cease to exist in our own solar system. It is likely that our own solar system will disown and possibly eject the "amazing super giant Red Spot"-less Jupiter, much like its own relative, Pluto, once a popular planet.Jupiter's status as a planet and a fixture to our own pleasant solar system is in further jeopardy as signs of discontent from neighboring Saturn have been spotted recently:

When asked about it's possible displacement Jupter was quoted saying, "There is always our neighbor system around Epsilon Eridani. It's a long journey over there but they've always been interested in a larger planet joining their system." Jupiter had indicated it has been censing some hostility and even some rude comments about its size from smaller, hotter planets like Mercury.

The "incredible amazing super giant Red Spot" is three times the size of the Earth and if it doesn't get its act together the future of the largest gas ball in the solar system is in doubt.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Warda is a great little camping area with some sweet single track about an hour and a half east of Austin. Last weekend was the TMBRA race out at Warda. Lauren and I headed down on Saturday to pre-ride and then campout.

Being Cat 2 we started early in the morning. I had hoped to place well (top 5 maybe) but that isn't exactly how it happened. The start was good but super long, dang runout start. Once we got into the single track I started to make up some ground but I could only make it up to tenth. I wish it had gone better but I suppose I have something to train up to now.

Reimers ranch next weekend, hope to do ok...

Happy April Fools day, you'll never guess what I did today. . .

unless you are Kyle who also participated in the AFD shenanigans.