Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some pictures

Seu, our puppy

Yay water skiing

We decided to ride around the lake at Lauren's cabin and ended up crossing this small channel

Crazy dog, I was afraid...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer recapish

Since the delay has been so long I will briefly talk about some things I've done and then perhaps elaborate more at some point.

A while ago now:
-Raced the Chippewa Valley Firecracker 500, got fourth out of 20 something, felt good, 37th overall out of 200 something. Lauren got 9th out of 12 in the race too, sweet!

-My dad came home and I got to hang out with him for a while. It was good, don't see him too often.

-Lauren went to horse show in Mauston, my uncle and cousin came to watch.

Slightly more recently:

-Lauren got me cowboy boots for my birthday!!

-Lauren's parents came to visit for a day on their way to the cities.

-I got a new car!! 2009 Mazda 3, awesome car!!

Really recently:
-Went up to Lauren's cabin for last week.

-Lauren and I got engaged!!

-Seu, our puppy, found a new rock that he really likes but it's way too big for him to pick up, dang funny.

-Team for the 24 hour race fell apart. Lame! Bigtime Lame!!

Predictions for the near future:
-Will go back to my Dad's tomorrow

-Going to move to Houston on tuesday, maybe monday night...