Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Afternoon

So this afternoon was pretty dang crazy. Firstly, on the drive home, I was super-close to being in an accident. There was a car in front of me and we were going about 65 and all of the sudden the car front tire blew and the driver decided to slam on the brakes. That's not what you are supposed to do when you blow a tire. But anyway I saw the car at the last second and swerved around them. As I was going around the front of the car it was about 6 inches from my car. Whew!! Then I realized how lucky I was there wasn't a car to my right when I swerved and I'm really glad I didn't rear end them.

After I got home and calmed down a bit Lauren and I went to Memorial Park for some mountain biking. Not know for sure what to think as I've gotten several reviews on a wide range from "don't waste your time" to "you probably won't be able to ride it your first time because it's so technical" I wasn't overly impressed nor severely disappointed. We also showed up and didn't really know where to go so we ended up riding the "Black" loop, the most technical trail. Lauren had previously told me she wouldn't ride that part but since she didn't know I made her.

Lauren also pulled out one of Seu's baby teeth. Sick!

I hope the Dirt Derby is going well. If you ride a bike and you are in Austin or the surrounding area you should definitely go check it out!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last night some friends and I went to the Incubus show in the Woodlands, it was a grand time. It was rather eventful though because as soon as we left a big rainstorm hit so it took us almost an hour (normally ~30 min) to get to the Woodlands since people from Houston don't drive in the rain well.

We got to the concert only to find out they weren't letting anyone in because there was a tornado. They sent us to the parking garage across the street to "ride out" the tornado. Long story short, no tornado, angry Incubus-loving fans, show must go on. The show started late but it was great.

Go home late and go up a little late but now it's time to go to some garage sales.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Work Today

The last few days I have been learning a geology tool called VoxelGeo and I've learned it's pretty dang sweet!

First off, the idea behind this type of technology came from the medical industry where doctors were compiling data to image brains, and other kinds of bodily things. Well, the same type of data is collected for seismic imaging of geology in the subsurface. This is why oil companies like this technology.

So we got to play around with a bunch of cool seismic data and learned to do some cool things in the class.

Anyways, the point of this story, since I got a little off track, is that being as it was the last day of the class today our "teacher" took us down to the 3D visualization class and showed us some cool stuff. The first thing they showed us was a 3D image of the Grand Canyon. Next, was the crazy thing, which needs a little background history:

Back in the day (50's or so) a man on death row decided to dedicate his body to science when he was executed. Doctors took full advantage of this by freezing the man's body and then slicing it in ~4 millimeter slices and taking pictures of the whole thing. Sometime in the future, after the "operation", someone scanned all of the images and put them into a spatial geoframe so each point was unique and computers could image and slice through the body they wanted.

Back to the class: Some bored geologists, likely on a very slow day, imaged this body with 3D visualization software so we got a tour of a human body by looking in the inside. It was pretty dang sweet.

Something like this but a little cooler maybe.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lake Lake (according to some)

Well, being that it's so dang hot in Houston I feel like I haven't been out riding as much as I should be. I guess that's kinda true but the trainer keeps me in shape a little. I did get out and ride with a group shop ride on Saturday and we cranked pretty hard.

Sunday, Lauren and I went up to Double Lake near Coldspring to get some much needed mountain biking in. It was good to get back out on the trail. The handling skills were a little rough to start but after the first couple of miles they came back pretty quick. It was pretty dang hot and Lauren decided to let Seu follow her down the trail but Seu didn't quite know what to do so Lauren ended up going pretty slow but I think she had fun.

After riding we went out to the horse barn and rode the horses for a little bit until I thought I was going to be hear exhausted so we headed to Dairy Queen and then home.

I am hoping to go check out Memorial Park this week sometime.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here are some pictures of our house in Houston. The pictures aren't in any order and the rooms are certainly not too organized or clean, yet. We are in the process of furnishing...



Big Closet


Dining Room and Seu's room, at least for now

Picture in the study

Messy Study, we're gonna get some book shelved and desk soon...

Living Room

Front of the House

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seu Update

This is a montage of Seu attacking a soccer ball

This is Seu apologizing to the soccer ball.
They're friends now!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Houston Update

Lauren and I have successfully made it to Houston. We are moved into the new pad. I started my new job yesterday and I haven't gotten fired yet so it looks like I might actually get to buy a new bike sometime. The house is sweet, 2 bed/ 2 bath with a couple other rooms and a backyard for Seu. Seu was kinda a pain in the ass as he was going underneath the house but with a little fencing and nailing he no longer has access. He is still mad.

We still haven't gotten cable/interweb or gas utilities so the updates are sparse and the showers are cold but I'll do my best.

I'll get house pics up and other thins soon.

Going to the Astros game for work tomorrow, sweet!