Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holiday Season

The weekend before Christmas was the marathon race out at Rocky Hill. Fat Chuck's revenge is the name of the race, titled after one of the loose technical climbs on the course. I did the race as a training race as opposed to a serious effort. It was a good break from mostly road training rides. The race had a pretty chilly start but warmed up pretty quickly. The race was 42 miles and I knew I would have to pace in order to hold a good steady effort throughout. All in all it was a pretty good experience, I was definitely not in peak form but that's ok.

I decided to stay in Houston for the Holidays and Lauren decided to stay also. It's nice to be home with the family for Christmas but there are a lot of parties to go to and typically it's very exhausting. Also, the weather in Houston allowed for some training rides, outside, in normal riding gear not cold weather gear. We got a Christmas tree on Christmas eve and hung out for while. Seu seemed a little energetic so we went for a walk to check out the lights. Christmas was pretty relaxing, we watched some Christmas movies, including Nestor the long eared donkey, I understand if you have never seen this movie. Christmas was good, I got a sweet math clock, a pedal wrench and a sweet bow tie among other things.

Since I was around Houston I was working but it turned out to be a pretty good week to work since most everyone took off for vacation. I finally got caught up on some work that I had been putting off and got to catch up on a bit of geology.

We went to a friend's for New Years and played a little beer pong and flip cup, it was some good times and there was a pinata with candy!!

Other than the holidays I've been getting in some base mile rides, doing some trail running and I started rock climbing again. It's definitely good cross training and a good compliment to biking.